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Student Wellness


BGCS focuses on the whole child, and doing so requires all of us to be aware, in tune, and responsive to the social and emotional well-being of the students that we serve. 

In order to achieve these goals, students must feel physically and emotionally safe and feel a sense of belonging to their school. When students experience these, the stage can be set for them to reach their full potential. We prepare students to be responsible, respectful and safe now and after graduation.

Student wellness prevention and intervention services are available on three different tiers including but not limited to school wide, classroom and individual systems of support. We are also thankful to collaborate with our community organizations to continue the level of care for our students and their families. 


Contact Us

Debbie Ondrus
Student Wellness Coordinator
419-354-0800 x4036

Felicia Boyd
Alcohol Tobacco & Other Drugs Specialist (ATOD)
419-354-0100 x1060

CRC Case Managers

Macy Love, High School
419-354-0100 x1062

Kaitlin Frisch, Middle School
419-354-0200 x2060

Kim Goetz, Elementaries
419-354-0400 x4461

High School Counselors

Middle School Counselors

Elementary Counselors