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5:30 PM
Monthly Meeting @ Lobby of Performing Arts Center
5:30 PM
Monthly Meeting @ Lobby of Performing Arts Center IF NEEDED



Board of Education

Bowling Green City Schools is governed by a five-member Board of Education. The Board hires and evaluates a Superintendent of Schools and a Treasurer of the Board.

The Board's duties include the following:

  • Adopting an annual budget and appropriation measures.
  • Exercising its taxing power to provide funds for the operation of the District.
  • Considering and passing upon the recommendations of the Superintendent in all matters of policy, appointment or dismissal of employees, salary schedules or other personnel regulations, courses of study, selection of textbooks, or other matters pertaining to the welfare of schools.
  • Informing the public concerning the progress and needs of the schools, and to solicit and weigh public opinion as it affects the schools.

Board members are elected at large for four year terms. A member may serve unlimited consecutive terms. Board members are elected according to a schedule that staggers their term expiration dates. Officers serve a term of one year, and may be re-elected. The Board sets meeting dates in January for the entire calendar year.


Generally, the Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month. Effective January 15, 2019, regular meetings will be held in the Lobby of the Performing Arts Center, 540 West Poe Road at 5:30pm, unless there is a scheduling conflict. Dates and places for each individual regular Board meeting are listed on this page. The public is welcome.

The tentative agenda for regular Board of Education meetings will be available the Monday before the meeting to provide timely information about topics of discussion to the community. This tentative agenda may be amended to reflect last minute changes, however, to the best of our knowledge these are the main points that will be covered at the meeting. An updated and final agenda will be available at the meeting and will be posted on this page the day after the meeting. Minutes from Board Meetings are approved at the following month's meeting. Once Board approved, minutes will be posted on this page the day after the meeting.

Public comment during meetings

We welcome comments and questions at Board Meetings. Public participants must be residents of the District or Bowling Green staff, and have a legitimate interest in the action of the Board. Public comment is limited to two minutes. There are two opportunities at each regular Board meeting for residents of the Bowling Green City School District to address the Board; one opportunity to discuss agenda items and one opportunity to discuss non-agenda topics. This is the time when members of the public may direct concerns, suggestions, questions, or comments to the Board.

In general, the Board oversees district-wide issues and policies. If you have individual concerns about a specific situation or student, it's best to first talk with the teacher, building principal, or school administrator. Our goal is to work together with parents to resolve issues quickly, and staff members closest to the situation are better able to do so. However, if you still have questions or concerns after working with the staff member, feel free to contact the Superintendent or Directors.

During the "Public Comments" section of the meeting, local residents who would like to address the board are invited to the podium. You will be asked to state your name and address, and may speak for up to two minutes. The public participation session is normally limited to 45 minutes. To protect employees' rights to privacy, the Board does not hear complaints or comments about specific employees in public session.

Board Response

The Board will occasionally respond immediately to questions or comments if appropriate, but will often instruct the Superintendent or Treasurer to do further research and report back to the Board and resident. If you have specific questions, you will receive a response either at the meeting or shortly thereafter. The Board wants to ensure that it is fully informed before responding, and so if your questions are not addressed during the meeting, this does not indicate a lack of interest on the Board's part. A response will be forthcoming.

Executive Sessions

All Board meetings are open to the public. During those meetings, the Board may call a closed-door session, called an executive session. Ohio law allows executive sessions for discussion only, and only to discuss personnel, property purchases, pending legal action, employee negotiations, or security. The Board may not take any votes or other action during executive sessions.


Guiding Principles

Vision Statement

Provide excellent instruction and equitable opportunities for each student.

Mission Statement

BGCS is committed to high academic expectations and extracurricular opportunities in an inclusive, caring, safe, and healthy environment. We empower and support our teachers to be responsive to each student through challenging and engaging curriculum. We partner with families and community to ensure student success.  

Core Values

• Accountability 
• Compassion 
• Courage 
• Creativity
• Honesty
• Integrity
• Respect 
• Responsibility 
• Service

Click here to see the entire Bowling Green City Schools Strategic Plan.

Statement of Compliance with Federal and State Laws

The Bowling Green School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital, or veteran status, or the presence of a non-job-related medical condition or handicap in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies as required by Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments. The district complies with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1976, which gives parents the right to examine their child's official records. In addition, the school system complies with the Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Title I, Title II, Title IV, Title V, and Part B-IDEA applications are developed annually. Questions and suggestions are always welcome and considered. Inquiries may be directed to the Superintendent of Schools, 137 Clough Street, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402, (419) 352-3576, ext. 4001.

Education Opens Doors

Meeting the needs of individual children within the school environment is the philosophy of the Bowling Green School District. The district complies with federal regulations and the State Board of Education's Rules for the Education of Handicapped Children, and takes an active role in identifying children who may have disabilities.

If you know a child from birth through 21 years of age who may have a disability, and who is not receiving services, contact the Administrative Offices at 352-3576. For more information see the Ohio Department of Education's Website

Other Policies

Privacy Policies
Wellness Policy
Bullying Report

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