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Last Updated: 8/10/2020 3:18 AM

The Bowling Green City School District’s commitment to providing quality instruction and ensuring equitable resources for its students is a driving force behind this 1:1 program. The Technology Department has embarked on this ambitious task of preparing nearly 3000 Chromebooks for students and planning all aspects of this program in a small timeframe to support student learning in these unusual times. We expect to sustain this program as students return to campus in the future.

The Technology Department is also pursuing the Ohio Broadband Grant which is designed to offer financial support for families without Internet connectivity at home. Please respond to communication regarding Internet access quickly to assist us in completing this grant.

1:1 Chromebook Program Handbook with Agreement and Opt-Out Forms
1:1 Chromebook Program Agreement and Opt-Out Forms


Student Chromebook FAQ’s

How will the Chromebooks be distributed?

Before having a Chromebook issued, the parents and student must sign the 1:1 Program Handbook and pay their student fees which includes the Chromebook fee. Chromebooks will be distributed to students at each school building prior to school starting. Chromebook pickup information will be communicated to parents in advance of each school year and may vary per building. Students enrolling during the school year will receive a Chromebook soon after enrolling.

How do we request technical support for the Chromebook?

All repairs on the BGCS Chromebooks must be done by BGCS Tech Dept staff. Technical support information is available on the page we placed inside your Chromebook and in the handbook in the 7.Chromebook Support section.

How long does the battery last?

A fully charged Chromebook typically operates approximately 6-7 hours, depending on use.

What if a student forgets their Chromebook at home, it runs out of battery, or it is under repair?

A loaner Chromebook may be provided if available. The student takes responsibility for the care of the loaner while it is checked out to him/her.

How do I connect my Chromebook to my home WiFi?

BGCS Chromebooks automatically look for the BGCS Chromebook WiFi network. This means that your Chromebook will look for the school’s network whenever it turns on or wakes up, and you will need to connect it to your home network. Click on the network icon in the bottom right corner and select your home Wi-Fi network. Turn on “Configure IP address automatically” so that your Chromebook will connect to your home Wi-Fi automatically each time.

Will students be able to access inappropriate websites when using the Chromebook outside of the district?

The BGCS Chromebooks access the Internet through the district’s Internet filter both on and off-campus. Internet filters are not 100% fool-proof, and students need to be responsible for their online activity and follow district policies and procedures. We encourage parents to have their students use their Chromebooks in a supervised area at home.

How will the Chromebooks be marked so students will know which one is theirs?

Each Chromebook, charger and case has a label with the student’s username. Each Chromebook has a serial number that the district tracks. Please do not alter or remove these labels or serial numbers.

How often are the Chromebooks backed up?

Files are saved to the student’s BGCS Google Drive. Students are responsible for transferring their data prior to leaving the district using Google takeout.

Can students add software to their Chromebooks?

Apps and extensions will be vetted for educational value and security/privacy compliance before being installed by the Technology Department. Students are not able to install apps or extensions and should not attempt to alter, circumvent or replace the operating system, security settings and/or Internet filter.

What if a student loses or damages a Chromebook?

Damaged or lost Chromebooks will be assessed like other district-owned items that students use (such as textbooks, band equipment, uniforms). School officials will investigate the circumstances to determine if a fine will be imposed. A Chromebook generally costs $200. Replacement costs for parts vary and can be found on the district’s Technology webpage.

What do we do if the Chromebook is stolen?

Students/parents must contact their building principal ASAP after the device is determined to be stolen, lost or vandalized. In cases of theft, vandalism, and other criminal acts, a police report must be filed by the student or parent within 48 hours after the theft or vandalism is discovered.  The police report must be presented to the building principal.

May a parent or student opt out of the 1:1 program and use their personal laptops or personal Chromebooks instead?

Personal Chromebooks and laptops can access the district wireless network and will provide a similar experience as a district-owned Chromebook. If students choose to bring their own device, they need to bring it to school every day just like the expectation for a district-owned device. Students using personal devices are bound by district policies and guidelines concerning use of technology at school and the use of district resources and accounts. Note: tablet devices (iPads, Kindle Fires, etc.), smartphones, and gaming systems are not effective devices in our learning environment. Those choosing to opt-out of the 1:1 program must sign the BYOD - 1:1 Opt-Out Form.

Will the Chromebook be compatible with wireless home-based Internet connections?

Chromebooks are compatible with home wireless Internet connections. They also will connect to commercial and free or open Wi-Fi services that are offered at businesses, such as restaurant cafes, and the public library.

Can parents use the Chromebooks to access student grades online?

These Chromebooks are not designed to be a family computer and are intended for use only by the student it is issued to for school related purposes only. If parents need a system to view grades online, the student and parent can access the grades together.

Will students have access to technology support on evenings and weekends?

District technical support is only offered during school days during school hours.

Does the school monitor the Chromebook when it’s at home?

Parents should monitor their students’ off-campus online behavior. However, when a student uses their school-issued Google account there is monitoring and filtering in association with the school account that may prompt a security or safety alert to school administrators. Activity logs can be accessed by school officials if needed.

What happens if my student breaks the power cord?

We are asking families to handle replacement power cords. They can be found at a variety of places such as the Lenovo web store or Amazon. Just search for “Lenovo <model> Chromebook charger.”


2020-21 Grades:  Kindergarten, 3, 9, 12

Chromebook Models: Lenovo N22 and N23

Charger: Lenovo 45W AC Adapter

Picture of Lenovo N23 charger

The charger must not exceed 45W.

2020-21 Grades:  1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11

Chromebook Models: Lenovo 100e and 300e

Charger: Lenovo 45W USB-C

Picture of Lenovo 100e and 300e USB-C Charger

The charger must not exceed 45W.




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