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2 hour delay schedule

Preschool Teachers

James Conway
Preschool Teacher
419-354-0300 x4329

Jennifer Hernandez
Preschool Teacher
419-354-0300 x4327

Cassie Nauman
Preschool Teacher
419-354-0300 x4330

Lauren Wethington
Preschool Teacher
419-354-0300 x4328

Kim Besgrove
Speech Pathologist

Marcie Wahba
Intervention Specialist
419-354-0300 x4312

Claire Westrick
Intervention Specialist
419-354-0300 x4312



Allie Reucher
Executive Director of Pupil Services
419-352-3576 x4030

Alyssa Karaffa
419-354-0300 x4301

Emily Mennitt
Special Education Coordinator
419-352-3576 x4033

Sara Isaacs
School Psychologist
419-354-0300 x4322

Courtney Ducat
School Nurse

Ruby Watkins
Pupil Services Secretary
419-352-3576 x4031

Krista Kerin
Conneaut Elementary Secretary
(419) 354-0300 x4300


Bowling Green Preschool

Last Updated: 5/24/2023 11:53 AM

Preschool Registration Round-Up for 2023-2024

Who: Students must be three years old and toilet-trained to begin preschool.

When: Tuesday, March 14 at 8:15am-3:15pm  < or >  Wednesday, March 15 from 9:15am-4:15pm
This is an open house / drop in event, so no appointment is needed.

Where:  Bowling Green School Performing Arts Center at 540 West Poe Road.

What to bring:

  • Your child’s birth certificate
  • Your child’s updated immunization records
  • Custody Documents/Foster Care Documents/Grandparent Affidavit/Guardianship- Paperwork must be “File” stamped and signed by Judge or Magistrate (unless both parents are listed on the birth certificate and reside in the same household or is not applicable)
  • Proof of residence (ex: current utility bill, lease/mortgage, etc.)
  • Parent/Guardian Photo ID (driver’s license, student ID, etc.)
  • Completed Preschool paper forms: (CLICK HERE to download and print these forms)
    • District Admissions Agreement
    • Allergic Reactions Form
    • Child History Form
    • Child Interest Form
    • Child Medical Statement
    • Child Screenings Form
    • Family Needs Assessment
    • Preschool Peer Application
  • You will also complete some online forms with our new FinalForms online enrollment system:
    1. On your phone, tablet or computer, go to:

    2. Create a New Parent account  (If you already have an account for your student athletes, simply click on Parent Login.)

    3. Complete the information about *you* on the Parent/Guardian Registration screen and click on Register.

    4. Check your email for a Confirmation message from FinalForms and click on the account confirmation link to create your password.

    5. Add a student for Next Year (2023-24) and select the grade level they will be in for the fall.

    6. Complete the questions about your student. Note: Please leave the student email address blank.

    7. Prepare the paper documents that are collected and print the red link files to complete on paper. These paper items will be provided to the Registrar. Note: Returning Preschoolers must complete all red linked documents except the Child History Form and the Child Medical Statement

    8. Sign the bottom of the form by entering your name and clicking Submit. Complete all of the pink highlighted online forms. When all of the forms have turned green, you are done.


Download the flyer


Preschool Program & Play-Based Assessment

Bowling Green City Schools provides a preschool program for children with special needs and typically developing peer role models. The preschool classes are taught by licensed teachers and include a developmentally appropriate curriculum. The classrooms are located at Conneaut Elementary School.

Children participating in the program must be at least 3 years old when they enroll. Children attending as peer role models must be toilet trained prior to enrollment. Preschool students attend 4 half days per week, Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays and vacations.

A parent and child visit day will be scheduled during the school day in order to allow parents, children and teachers to meet before children begin school. Applications for enrollment may be filled out at this time or prior to arrival. In order to complete the registration process, please bring the following documents with you on the day you visit.

Please bring the following information to Play-Based Assessment Screenings:

  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Child’s Immunization Record
  • Any Legal Custody Papers
  • Any relevant Medical Information
  • Any outside/ private therapy reports
  • Something to read or occupy your time while your child is being evaluated

Please contact Ruby Watkins if you have any questions about the program at 419-352-3576 ext. 4031.

This is a wonderful program! Please spread the word!


Preschool Program

The Bowling Green School District provides a preschool program for children with special needs. The preschool classes are taught by certified teachers and follow a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Each class is held for 2 1/2 hours, Monday thru Thursday. The classrooms are housed at Conneaut Elementary School. If you know a child between the ages of 3 and 5 who may have special needs, please contact Emily Mennitt at 419-352-3576 ext. 4033.

An important part of the preschool program is the involvement of peer role models. Children participating as peers must be between the ages of 3 and 5 and must demonstrate typically developing skills. There is a fee for this portion of the program. If you know a child who would be appropriate as a peer for the children with special needs, please contact Emily Mennitt at 419-352-3576 ext. 4033.

Bowling Green escuelas de la Zona Programa Preescolar

El Distrito de la Escuela del Campo de bochas proporciona un programa preescolar para niños con necesidades especiales. Las clases preescolares son enseñadas por maestros certificados y siguen un plan para el desarrollo apropiado. Cada clase es tenida para 2 ½ horas, el lunes por el jueves. Las aulas son albergadas en la Conneaut Elemental. Si conoce a un niño entre las edades de 3 y 5 que puede tener las necesidades especiales, contacta por favor Emily Mennitt en 419-352-3576 ext. 4033.

Una parte importante del programa preescolar es la participación de modelos a imitar de igual. Los niños que participan como iguales deben estar entre las edades de 3 y 5 (antes de 30 de septiembre) y deben demostrar desarrollando típicamente habilidades. Hay un honorario para esta porción del programa. Si conoce a un niño que sería apropiado como un igual para los niños con necesidades especiales, contacta por favor Emily Mennitt en 419-352-3576 ext. 4033.


Other Preschool and Childcare Options

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542 Haskins Rd.
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