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School Bus Rules

Ohio law specifies certain rules for passengers aboard school buses and school vans. These rules are in place to ensure safe operation for both the driver as well as the passengers. All passengers are required to follow these rules as well as applicable sections of Ohio Revised Code, Ohio Administrative Code and Board of Education Policy.

For the protection of our drivers and passengers, all activity on school buses owned by the Bowling Green City School District is recorded by video and by audio.

The following rules are posted inside of each school bus in our district. To ensure the safe operations of our buses, and the safety of our drivers and passengers, it is required that all passengers adhere to these rules.

FOLLOW DIRECTIONS: The bus driver is in charge of the bus. The bus driver will give directions. You are responsible to listen and follow all directions the first time they are given.

SIT PROPERLY: You must remain seated in the same seat for the entire ride, keeping your body out of the aisle, and inside of the bus at all times. Keep your things on your lap.

BE RESPECTFUL: Be respectful of all people and property through your words and actions.

KEEP IT CLEAN: Leave the bus cleaner than you found it. Do not eat or drink on the bus. Do not litter. If you notice vandalism, please let the bus driver know.

BE QUIET: You must be silent at railroad crossings and any time the bus driver asks for silence. At all other times, speak quietly to those sitting next to you.