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Safety is our #1 Goal

The mission of the Bowling Green Transportation Department is to safely and efficiently transport students while enhancing the educational process of all students. To accomplish that mission, Bowling Green buses safely travel over 450,000 miles annually.

Riding a school bus is the safest way for your child to travel to and from school. Please spend time with your child discussing school bus safety.

What Children Should Be Taught about School Bus Safety

  1. Wait until the driver says it is safe to board, then get on one at a time.
  2. When you are getting off the school bus, walk 10 giant steps in front of the bus. Watch the bus driver. When the bus driver signals that it is safe to cross in front of the bus, pause at the edge of the bus and look left-right-left again for traffic. If there is no traffic, continue crossing the street.
  3. Ask the bus driver for help if you drop something while getting on or off the school bus.
  4. Keep your loose items inside of your book bag.
  5. Once on the school bus, go directly to your seat and sit down facing forward. Remain in your seat, facing forward, until it is time to get off the bus.
  6. Most importantly, remember the bus driver is in charge. They will give directions and all students must obey and follow the directions.

Our Staff

Contacting Your Child's Bus Driver or Aide

Should you need to reach your child's bus driver or aide by email, please remember that he/she can only check email before or after the bus route is completed. When you send a bus driver a message, please also "CC" the message to:

Bus Driver Email   

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