Bowling Green Middle School

Bowling Green Middle School
1079 Fairview Ave
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Phone: 419-354-0200
Fax: 419-353-1958

Office Staff

Eric Radabaugh
Eric Radabaugh, Principal
419-354-0200 ext 2001

Michel Bechstein
Michel Bechstein, Assistant Principal
419-354-0200 ext 2002

Sue Rider
Sue Rider, Secretary
419-354-0200 ext 2000

Karin Snyder
Karin Snyder, Secretary
419-354-0200 ext 2004

Tracy Loescher
Tracy Loescher, Secretary
419-354-0200 ext 2005


Links & Information

Useful Links

Student Handbook 2019-20
Program of Study 2019-20
Builder's Club
Student Insurance
Responsible Use & Bring Your Own Device Policy
Lunch Menus
Prospective Students
College Credit Plus


Bell Schedules

Regular Day Schedule
2 Hour Delay Schedule


Middle School Announcements

Daily announcements containing the latest middle school information, events and activities.

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Team Links

Students are put into teams which creates smaller learning communities for students. Teachers meet daily to discuss instructional plans for students in their team. Teams communicate with students using Edmodo, Google Apps, and a Team Google Doc containing announcements, teacher contact info and homework information for students and parents.

Team Discovery - 6th
Team Pioneer - 6th
Team Odyssey - 7th
Team Apollo - 7th
Team Endeavor - 8th
Team Phoenix - 8th


1079 Fairview Ave
Bowling Green, OH 43402
Phone: 419-354-0200
Fax: 419-353-1958