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Superintendent Search Update

Meet the Candidates

In conjunction with its search for a new superintendent, the Board of Education invites interested members of the community to meet each of the two finalists for the position. Sessions are expected to last approximately 45 minutes. Community members are urged to attend both sessions to provide feedback to the board on both candidates.

  • Dr. Deb Piotrowski will be introduced in the High School Cafeteria on Tuesday, March 31 at 4:30pm. 
  • Mr. Francis Scruci will be introduced in the High School Cafeteria on Wednesday, April 1 at 4:30pm.

Search Process Documents

Kindergarten Registration

Bowling Green City Schools are proud to offer an all day, everyday kindergarten experience this fall! Kindergarten registration will take place April 1-2 by appointment. Please click here for information on how to register your child.

BG Schools Renewals on May 5

2 Renewal Issues on May 5... The Facts
  • Two renewals will be on the ballot on May 5
  • These levies currently provide about $3.5 million, about 11.5% of our budget
  • Renewals = no new money
Why do we need to renew these issues?
  • These renewals are about protecting and preserving the excellence that is Bowling Green City Schools - they are not a new tax
  • These renewals fund day-to-day operations and sustain vital instruction and programs for students
  • These renewals will support financial stability for the next 5 years
What would happen if the renewals fail?
  • The loss of $3.5 million will devastate our schools and put our excellence at risk
  • The district would be forced to make deep cuts that will impact classrooms and programs for students
What has BG Schools done to reduce and manage cost?
  • Fiscally conservative approach = lean budget while supporting the classroom
  • Nearly $4 million in reductions without impacting instruction and programs
  • 0% salary increases and/or freezes in 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14
  • Staff contracts restructured = nearly $1 million in immediate savings while supporting long term sustainability
To make sure your voice is heard in this important election, please be sure you are registered to vote. You need to change your voter registration if you have moved or changed your name. Voter Information is available at:

Calamity Day Make-up Plan

So far this school year BG elementary schools have used 11 calamity days, and the high school and middle school have used 10 calamity days. The current make-up plan is as follows:

Elementary students, grades PK-5
11 calamity days used - 5 days provided by State = 6 make-up days
3 days added to the end of the school year (Last day is now June 5)
3 days of blizzard bag assignments to complete

Secondary students, grades 6-11
10 calamity days used - 5 days provided by State = 5 make-up days
2 days added to the end of the school year (Last day is now June 4)
3 days of blizzard bag assignments to complete

Any further calamity days will result in adding days in June.

Seniors' schedule is not impacted by the make-up plan, and Graduation will take place as scheduled on May 31.

Blizzard Bags

Teachers are creating assignments designed to replace 3 days of lost instruction and to reinforce skill development. High school and middle school blizzard bags will be posted on Edmodo or MS team homework pages. Elementary blizzard bags will be posted on their respective school web pages. Students with IEPs will be provided support per their plan.

Blizzard Bag Timeline

March 27 - assignments shared with principals 
March 31 - assignments posted on Edmodo or elementary web pages
April 1 - teachers will discuss provisions for students without Internet access and/or who need paper copies
April 16 - All student work is due