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High school students who plan to participate in interscholastic athletics, marching band, and/or cheerleading at Bowling Green High School for at least two full seasons may be exempt from the high school physical education requirement. Physical Education Waiver information, including form, procedures and guidelines, and FAQs are available on the BGHS Guidance web page.

Press Release

PRESS RELEASE from Bowling Green City Schools and Bowling Green Bobcat Boosters  -  7.11.14

The Bowling Green Bobcat Boosters are a non-profit organization that exist to support athletic programs. Recently, the former treasurer, Eric Whitson, was arrested on suspicion of misuse/theft of funds. The current president and new treasurer have already begun a review of processes to strengthen safeguards against such events in the future.

Because the boosters are a non-profit organization, they function independently of the Bowling Green City School District. No funds from the district are involved.

This is an ongoing investigation and as such no further comments can be made at this time. Rest assured that the Bobcat Boosters are cooperating fully with Wood County Prosecutor Paul Dobson’s office.


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